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As you can see, here at Glen Beede, DPM, PA, utilizing State-of-the-Art Technology to the benefits of our patients is Par for the Course. Treatment of Morton’s Neuromas is no exception. We are entering our 12th year (2014) performing Neuroma Decompression Procedures.

Conditions This Technology is Used For:

  • Morton’s Neuroma

As a patient with a neuroma, you may have had or know that the “OLD” method of treating a neuroma is to Literally “EXCISE” or “CUT-OUT” the affected damaged nerve. Here at the Office of Dr Glen Beede, we want to educate you that removal of the nerve is no longer “Required”.

Neuroma DecompressionJust like the Carpal Tunnel Condition in the wrist, the Mortons Neuroma is now considered a “Nerve Entrapment” instead of a “Nerve Tumor”. As such this deformity can be “Decompressed” instead of “Excised. “ The advantages to the patient are numerous:

  • Reduced postoperative pain and discomfort;
  • Reduced operative time
  • Less bleeding, due to less trauma;
  • Less need for suturing;
  • Minimized ecchymosis (Bruising) and edema (Swelling).

***But most importantly, you get to keep you nerve and the sensation to the forefoot and toes that it provides.!!!

As we mentioned, we have been performing the “Decompresion” for 12 years now. We are proud to report that in all of that time we have currently (2014) had only 7 patients that have required some form of additional treatment for their neuroma after surgery. That amounts to a LACK of CURE RATE of less than 2%. Here at Glen Beede, DPM, PA we feel that the neuroma Decompression is one of the Top 5 Advancements in Podiatry today.

Dr. Beede and his staff look forward to bringing you, once again, leading-edge technology in our quest for ever improving ways of reducing your pain and ailments, returning you to a pain free active and healthy lifestyle.

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