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Electronic Treatment Technologies change as rapidly as the electronic gadgets we use in our daily lives.  This is never more true than with the emerging market of laser technologies.  Here at Glen Beede, D.P.M., PA we utilize several different types of lasers to provide our patients with the most sophisticated treatments available today.

Conditions This Technology is Used For:

  • Ingrown ToeNail Permanent Removal
  • Skin and Soft Tissue Lesion
  • Ulcer Debridement
  • Warts
  • Ganglion / Fluid Cysts
  • Surgical Hemostasis

Luxarcare LaserDr Beede has been bringing his patients cutting edge state of the art Laser Technology since 1993. In 2011, with a New Redesign of his laser suite, we added the Luxarcare NovaPulse CO2 laser to our Facility. There is no better Surgical CO2 laser in the World.

CO2 Lasers are Surgical lasers in nature. They help us perform Soft Tissue Procedures with many added benefits to the patient.

  • Reduced postoperative pain and discomfort;
  • Reduced operative time
  • Less bleeding, due to less trauma;
  • Less need for suturing;
  • Minimized ecchymosis (Bruising) and edema (Swelling).
  • Improved access to some areas, compared to the scalpel;
  • Easier removal of lesions without distortion of surrounding tissue
  • Incision or excision;
  • Vaporization or ablation;
  • Providing hemostasis.    

Luxar LaserTo our knowledge no other Podiatry Practice in the DFW Metroplex offers this exciting State-of-the-Art Technology and the benefits to you, the patient, are Outstanding.

Dr. Beede and his staff look forward to bringing you, once again, leading-edge technology in our quest for ever improving ways of reducing your pain and ailments, returning you to a pain free active and healthy lifestyle.

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